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There can be little doubt that bribery and corruption impede the efficient use of government revenue, discourages private investment and negatively impacts inclusive growth and development. In Africa, as elsewhere, the social and political consequences of corruption rob nations of their potential and drive inequality and resentment.

ARCH is firmly committed to the concept that the citizens of Africa deserve full transparency in the procurement and implementation of critical basic services, including power generation, and maintains zero tolerance with respect to all aspects of bribery and corruption. We are determined to act with the highest levels of integrity and have implemented a number of policies and procedures to ensure that our employees, and those we do business with - behave legally and ethically at all times.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Policies

ARCH is dedicated to combating bribery and corruption, and has implemented an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy that fully complies with the UK Bribery Act of 2010. We are equally committed to participating in international efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, and in line with international and local regulations and legislation, have developed a financial crime risk framework to ensure compliance with our obligations. All our staff are required to undergo regular anti-corruption and anti-money laundering training.

Fully Transparent Procurement Policies

ARCH has developed and adopted procurement policies designed to address the specific challenges surrounding the markets in which we do business. This policies ensure that a formal and transparent process is carefully observed when projects are selected and implemented, and for the appointment of consultants, contractors and other third party advisers.

Risk-based know your customer procedures

ARCH has developed Know Your Customer (“KYC”) procedures to ensure that no employee, consultant, counterparty or investor is employed or retained unless their identities have been diligently identified and verified. Our procedures employ a risk-based approach that categorises each relevant person or entity as either low, medium, or high risk, and applies corresponding KYC measures and monitoring methods.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ARCH recognises the importance of a Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) process that incorporates transparency, fairness, accountability, and integrity; all of which are fundamental to the way we conduct our business. Our CSR programs and initiatives are designed to be relevant to the nature and scale of our business, and to protect and reinforce the company’s reputation and integrity.


ARCH recognises that a company’s management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can materially affect its financial performance. We actively seek opportunities to create long-term sustainable value through integrating best practice ESG considerations across our advisory themes. By working closely with local partners and portfolio companies to identify and manage ESG risks, value creation becomes a shared exercise resulting in positive development outcomes in the markets we serve.

Our advisory themes will:

  • Comply with or exceed all applicable legislation and regulations in their investment jurisdictions;

  • At minimum, exclude investment activities listed on the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Exclusion List (2007);

  • Apply the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Environmental and Social Performance Standards to assess and manage the risks of their investments;

  • Measure and report on ESG performance at regular intervals to stakeholders;

  • Follow good international industry practice (GIIP) for the sectors and technologies in which they invest. 


We communicate our commitment to this through ARCH's Sustainability Policy. 

ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited Sustainability Policy

Registered in England no. 11283865 ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 827932).

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