Johan Hattingh

Chief Executive Officer

Johan Hattingh is the Chief Executive Officer of ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited, having founded the asset management firm in 2018. Prior to founding ARCH, he served as CEO of Ashmore Investment Saudi Arabia, and Chairman and CEO of Ashmore Turkey. Johan has a wealth of experience in international finance markets, starting his career at Hill Samuel & Co Ltd in 1982, working on project finance and capital markets as manager and director. Johan has formely held senior executive positions at Daiwa Europe Bank Plc, Industrial Bank of Japan, NatWest and ANZ Bank and has also served as non-executive director on various boards. Johan holds degrees in Economics and Industrial psychology, Masters in International Economics and Doctorate in Financial Management from the University of Johannesburg.

Mike Pritchard

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Pritchard is the CFO of ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited. Prior to ARCH, Mike was Head of Finance at BC Partners LLP where he spent significant time engaged with personal advisers, ensuring fund returns, fee income and carried interest structures were tax efficient and optimised for all parties. His experience covers, amongst other things, converting legal structures for existing fund advisers and sub-advisers in the UK and US, structuring new Fund structures and a European AIFM and launching the company’s credit platform. Prior to BC Partners, Mike was Group Financial Controller at Asset Management Investment Company plc and worked at Solomon Hare Chartered Accountants. Mike holds a degree in Accounting from Cardiff Business School and is a Fellow of the ICAEW.

Charlotte Henderson

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Charlotte Henderson is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited. Prior to ARCH, Charlotte held legal and management positions at other emerging markets asset managers, including Ashmore and Abraaj. Her experience covers private equity, credit, energy, real estate, restructuring and funds, across various sectors and jurisdictions. She is responsible for all legal and compliance matters at ARCH. Charlotte is a dual qualified English solicitor and New York attorney-at-law. She holds a MA (hons) in Jurisprudence from Oxford University.

Charles Rendall

Chief Risk Officer

Charles Rendall is the Chief Risk Officer for ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited. Charles has an in-depth understanding of financial risk and the mechanics of financial markets gained from over 25 years in diverse roles including private investor, broker, trader, risk and quantitative analyst. He has focused on emerging and illiquid markets throughout his career with experience covering Africa, Turkey, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Charles began his career at Barclays Bank as a Quantitative Analyst and carried on to hold roles at ABN AMRO, ANZ Investment Bank, Lehman Brothers and ICAP Securities. Charles holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Imperial College London.

Pinar Ozbozdoganli
Head of Investor Relations

Pinar Ozbozdoganli, prior to joining ARCH, was most recently Financial Strategy and Corporate Finance Manager of Ronesans Holding, one of the largest construction and real estate investment conglomerates globally. Pinar started her career in the Principal Finance Group of Lehman Brothers, and has also worked at Ashmore, Global Investment House, and Rhea, where she has built extensive private equity experience, with a focus on investor relations and transaction execution. Pinar holds a B.A. degree in Business Economics from Brown University.

Noreht Viljoen

Head of Human Resources

Noreht has over a decade of experience constructing, implementing and managing international human resources infrastructure and operations, specialising in employee and departmental training and development, recruitment, performance management and headcount optimization. Noreht is currently responsible for building, operating and maintaining all HR processes, policies and documentation within ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited. Noreht holds a Postgraduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Development.



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