East Africa Cold Chain Solutions

The East Africa market suffers from significant food loss of 40% on average and up to 60% in certain product categories. It is estimated that up to 94% of this loss is the result of a lack of cold chain solutions (storage and logistics).


The creation of extensive and reliable cold chain solutions is essential to ensure food security and economic development. Cold chain solutions can play a major role in minimizing food loss, improving food hygiene and public health. These businesses are also enablers for developing countries to participate in international trade as both consumers and producers.


With access to cold chain solutions, new sectors can emerge from the primary agricultural sector, moving East Africa up the value chain (such as food processing, canned foods, juice producers, dairy product processing and frozen products). This will increase opportunities for exports of agricultural and processed products from East Africa.


ARCH will focus on developing and operating large scale energy efficient cold chain solutions businesses throughout 5 countries in East Africa, with a logistics network to support the whole region. It will provide a unique opportunity to generate returns through businesses that will have a powerful positive impact on farmers and agricultural producers by raising living standards and income levels together with helping to bring about food security in East Africa.

Jared Irving

Prior to joining ARCH, Jared was the Business Development Director and Board Member of JGI Investments Ltd, a key investor in Turkey, North Africa and the region. Through JGI Investments Ltd and its partnership with Infinity Invest Holding Limited, Jared invested in and operated a number of businesses, including food manufacturing, retail, logistics, storage, distribution and biofuel refinery.  Until 2012, Jared was the Head of Private Equity and a lead Partner of KPMG’s advisory business in Turkey. In 2008, he assisted KPMG in establishing its advisory business in Turkey which became the market leader. Before transferring to KPMG Turkey, Jared specialised in private equity buyouts and disposals across the globe (clients included Blackstone, KKR and TPG). Jared has undertaken some of the largest multi-billion dollar private equity transactions across Europe and in Turkey (Cognis, Refresco, Migros and TDF). Jared is fluent in English and Turkish. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Queensland University of Technology.



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