Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to unlock Africa’s enormous clean power generation potential, help combat climate change, and offer de-risked, sustainable operating assets to exit markets - all while improving the lives of Africans by increasing their access to electricity and providing attractive employment opportunities.  To execute this strategy, we employ:


  • Experience-based selection of project opportunities with the highest probability of timely, profitable exits

  • A disciplined focus on budget, schedule, risk assessment, and environmental and social responsibilities

  • Maximising exit proceeds through a focus on relative value and a robust, competitive exit process

Project Selection

Our preferred generation technologies include solar PV, wind, small hydro, biomass, and geothermal. We seek to secure long term power purchase agreements with both institutional and captive power purchasers, and also consider off-grid investment opportunities in partnership with experienced sector participants.  Within these parameters, we take an opportunist approach, pursuing projects with clear visibility to both financial close and commercial operation, acceptable technology risks, and favourable profitability and exit prospects.


Risk Controls

We employ rigorous risk controls to help ensure timely and on-budget project completion.  This control environment uses documented processes designed to carefully select projects and manage their execution by experienced, on the ground development professionals, and includes regular project reviews against budget and schedule.

Value Proposition

Projects are assessed based on their relative-value, focusing on the optimal entrance and exit timings such that returns will, on a risk-adjusted basis, be optimised for each investment.  Normally, this is achieved through entrance into early stage development projects, and exit post commercial operation.  We will, however, consider alternative investment timelines, depending upon market valuations and the potential to leverage the investment team’s core skillset.



Registered in England no. 11283865 ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited

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Registered office address is 100 New Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4V 6JA